What’s your design process?

1. Contact us using the form on our contact page! It goes straight to our inbox and we’ll get back to you in 48 hours or less.
2. Cold Brew will send you a creative brief for you to fill out. This will give us a better idea about deliverables and timetables.
3. Once we know what you’re looking for, we can give you a quote for our services.
4. You’ll need to sign our terms and provide 100% down payment before we can get started.
5. Creative projects will receive a first draft where you will be able to request edits before you receive your final draft.
6. Once you approve your design, you will receive a neatly packaged folder with your assets!

What is a reasonable turnaround time for my project?

It depends! Websites obviously take a longer time to complete due to the complexities of SEO, copywriting and graphic design. A website could take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month depending on content and requested edits. Flyers and other one page collateral could take only a week at most. Anything that requires a 24 hour or less turnaround will be subject to an increased rate. This is because we must prioritize your project over other clients. Timetables will be discussed during our initial consultation.

Do you offer website maintenance plans?

Of course! In addition to creating your website, we also offer maintenance. This is a monthly service fee that includes a wide variety of edits and upkeep.

What do you build your websites on?

We use content management systems such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Shopify, and WordPress. We don’t do any hand coded self hosted websites due to potential vulnerabilities. We can create something from scratch or modify an existing design to better fit your brand aesthetic.

Do you offer website hosting?

Cold Brew does not offer website hosting. We typically use GoDaddy and Bluehost as website hosting options. Hosting is mostly needed for WordPress websites. Bluehost has a great 1 click install WordPress feature that makes website launching a breeze! They’re also one of the cheapest and most reliable hosting options on the web. Their customer support is top-notch! Content Management Systems such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and Shopify do not require separate hosting. Their CMS requires you to specifically host on their platform only and hosting prices will vary. These are third party tools and are in no way associated with Cold Brew Creative and we are not responsible for any downtime or maintenance you may experience.

How soon can I see results of my Pay Per Click campaign?

Cold Brew will run your campaign for as long as your budget allows. You should see measurable results within 24 hours of the launch. Google, Instagram, and Facebook have analytics available for you to see how successful your campaign is.

Do you provide A/B testing?

Absolutely! We love doing A/B testing utilizing landing pages to measure results of your email campaign (or other marketing strategy). A/B testing gives you a better insight into how your target audience responds to certain visuals and styles of writing. It’s designed to give you better leads and conversions.

Do you do your own printing?

Unfortunately we do not have our own printer. We can, however, make recommendations on where you can receive quality prints based on our own experiences and our client’s. For stickers and labels, we definitely recommend Sticker Giant here in Longmont, Colorado. We’ve personally used Sticker Giant for our own purposes and we have found their stickers are made from high quality material that doesn’t rip or tear. They can be removed and readjusted if you don’t place it right the first time! For business cards, we recommend Vista Print for budget conscious businesses and Moo for luxurious finishes. And for large print material and banners, our clients prefer printers like FedEx.

What are all the services that you offer?

Marketing Strategy
Market Research
Brand Consultation
Email Campaigns
Logo Design
Brand Guides / Books
Business Cards
Pitch Decks
Business Plans
Flyers / Brochures
Magazine Layout
Custom Countertops
Social Media Content / Management
PPC Advertising
Google AdWords Setup / Management
UI / UX Design & Wireframing
App Prototyping
Web Design & SEO
Blog Posting
eCommerce Web Design
Custom Illustrations
Digital Design
Print Collateral
Product & Package Design
Car Wrap Design
Tradeshow Design
Professional Copywriting
Photography (Award Winning & Published)
Video Production
Photo Editing
Technical Support (CompTIA A+ and N+ Certified)
Video Overlays
and much more!!!

Do I have to be local?

Absolutely not! While we’re based in Estes Park, Colorado, we work with businesses all across the world! If you’re more comfortable with a phone call, we’d be glad to oblige! We can go over your project needs over email, Skype, or phone call. We want it to be a convenient and painless experience for you. However, if you’re in the Front Range area like Longmont, Loveland, Boulder, Fort Collins, or Denver, we would be glad to meet you in person to go over the details of your project!

Can I receive a free consultation?

We encourage you to take advantage of our free consultation. Simply fill out our contact form with services you need and your current budget and we will make a customized package just for you. No commitment necessary!



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